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Hmph, I already told you! That I’m only interested in the future! I will surpass Battle City and everything that comes after it!

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Today I discovered I am too tired to draw the 3DM gear more than once

And since internet wife plenoptic07 specifically told me not to push myself too hard because art turns out crappy when you do that, and she’s the one who requested this crossover, expect more over the weekend (and once I’ve gotten more sleep.)

But basically Ishizu/Isis is playing Captain Levi (there’s a cravat there, if you look) and Téa is Mikasa.  Because it made me chuckle, that’s why.

Blood spatter is an interesting challenge to ink when you can’t just, you know, spatter ink right onto the page (which is what a lot of mangaka actually do, and which I can’t do because I don’t use fountain pens and it would be a lot more mess than it’s worth) but I find it a lot of fun.

Tag for this (which is gonna be necessary because I can JUST TELL I’m going to be posting this in a bunch of little chunks) is

#inking all the blood

(By the way guys don’t worry I know August is running out, but I do plan on doing at least a little for every request even if I have to extend into September while still tagging everything AU August.)

Friendship and titan killing.


Transparent Dank Magician for your blog!


Transparent Dank Magician for your blog!

(Little Kuriboh Fapping In The Background)

(Little Kuriboh Fapping In The Background)

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